Installing Marble in Markham Homes

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Installing Marble in Markham Homes
Many Markham homeowners consider installing marble on floors, countertops, or as decorative accents. However, it can be difficult to know where to start. There are many steps involved, including choosing slabs, finishes, and edges, and having the stone installed. The best way to proceed is to find a stone supplier that's knowledgeable and reliable. Partnering with a good stone company can be the most important decision you will make when installing marble in your home.
How can you find a respected company that services the Markham area? There are various ways to do this, but if you're like most people, you'll go first to the Internet. There you will discover a plethora of outlets selling stone: from large chain hardware stores to boutiques specializing in exotic stone. The best choice is an independent company with a reputable track record and a large selection of marble, granite, and other stone. (You will want to keep your options open until you explore the types of stone available to you.) Bear in mind that a Canadian family-owned company may be the best choice for a number of reasons, including trustworthiness and expertise.
After exploring the internet presence of various companies, you'll want to schedule a visit to the warehouse of at least one company to look at slabs. You should never choose stone from a photograph or a small sample unless it cannot be avoided. Seeing the actual slab will give you a much better idea of how the stone will look in your home.)
Marble Vs. Granite
Marble is the first and only choice of many homeowners; it is unparalleled for depth and luminosity, and it gives any room an elegant, luxurious look. However, some homeowners begin with the idea of marble floors or countertops and opt instead for granite, another beautiful stone. Here are some comparisons between the two natural stones:
  • Composition. Granite is made of feldspar, quartz and mica. Marble is made of calcite, or recrystallized limestone.
  • Durability. Both marble and granite are very durable. However, granite is harder and denser than marble; marble is a softer, more porous substance. This means that granite is more scratch-resistant and stain-resistant. Both stones are heat resistant.
  • Safety. Granite and marble are both natural stones. They won't off-gas dangerous chemicals, and they're hypoallergenic. Both are resistant to bacteria, making them excellent surfaces for food preparation. Polished marble floors can be slippery when wet.
  • Cost. Natural stone requires an initial investment, but it will add resale value to your home. Marble is often more expensive than granite, but both types of stone are available in a range of prices. Tiles are less expensive than slabs for both stones.
  • Function. Granite is more suitable as flooring for high-traffic areas than marble. Marble is the countertop of choice for pastry chefs. Where and how the stone will be used may dictate which of the two you choose.
Talk to the Experts
Now that you know a little more about granite and marble, visit a showroom and talk to a stone specialist. You're sure to find just the right stone for your living space!